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Marinated for over 24 hours with Chef Bruce's special marinade, our signature pork ribs are then slow-cooked and smoked over a composition of hickory n' mesquite wood chips for that tender mouthfeel and bold flavour.

Our preparation process also includes trimming the excess fats and removal of membrane to allow the ribs to fully absorb the smoky flavour. Resulting in a rich burst of flavour with every bite of our juicy pork ribs — The Meanest Ribs in Town.

What Famous Food Bloggers Say About Us

The meat tears apart easily and is richly-infused with a smoky barbecue scent. And while it is hard to decide, this was definitely one of my favourite meats on the platter."

- Seth Lui

"My favourite food item on the whole platter was still the signature fall-off-the-bones pork ribs, in which a whopping 30 hours were spent just marinating and smoking those ribs over hickory and mesquite wood chips."

- Daniel Food Diary

" Specialising in all things meat, Meat n’ Chill’s team will be glad to serve you what they’re certain is the meanest pork ribs in town – their Original and Bourbon flavours are worth checking out."

- Ladyironchef

Here at Meat n' Chill, our goal is to exceed your expectations each time we have your food delivered to you. Here's our commitment to you:

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  • Ensure our foods meets the highest quality and safety standards
  • Earliest delivery timing is 90 minutes from the time of order.

Due to possible unforeseen traffic disruptions that are out of our control, deliveries may take up to 90 mins.

We thank you and apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.